Damage: Unknown
Health: Unknown
Encountered in: Unknown
Entity name: Unknown

Twitchers are the most common enemies in Afraid of Monsters and the Director's Cut. Twitchers first spawn when David turns off the electricity at the hospital in the Director's Cut, but in the original Afraid of Monsters, twitchers spawn after David leaves the bathroom.


Twitchers' most notorious feature are their heads. Due to their "twitching" movement, the player will find extremely difficult (if not impossible) to score a critical headshot on them. They don't bleed when shot in the original Afraid of Monsters.

Tactic Edit

They are very dangerous when fought at close range, for they deal considerable damage and can kill David without much effort (even faster if they are in groups). Melee weapons should be only used when there is only one attacking the player.

Meaning Edit

Most of these Twitchers have no meaning nor relevance to David, for they are mere hallucinations created by his overdose in the Hospital's bathroom. However, in one of the endings in the DC version of the game, Twitchers were real, normal people that were distorted by David's reality while drugged, which explains why they bleed when attacked. This ending explains why, on a particular area of the game in the DC version, the police opens fire on David; he's been on a killing spree since he left the hospital.

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, Twitchers were planned to have white glowing eyes, however this was cut after feedback stated it was weird, instead of creepy.
  • The Twitchers are also recycled in Cry of Fear's Fifth Ending (Unlocked after beating the game once).

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