The Addiction



Damage: Very High
Health:  ????
Encountered in: Final Map (4mother)
Entity name: david_monster

The Addiction (Non-Canonical Name) is the main antagonist and the final boss in Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut. The Addiction faced in the final map, known in the files as 4mother, and he only appears in the Director's Cut.

Appearance Edit

The Addiction appears as a rotten version of David Leatherhoff, with hollow eyes, with a bloodied face, a pale skin and in a corpse-like position with its arms crossed to its shoulders. Also he possesses a large hole on his chest.

Story Edit

After unlocking the door with the completed code (which spells out FORGIVE ME) David discovers a twisted version of Markland Hospital, consisting of hallways set up in various angles. Climbing his way through, he goes through another nightmare zone, where he finds a house with a painting showing him how to escape. On the table, there is a note, saying that "mother always pointed at things she wanted him to destroy", and the said painting points at the ceiling. After cutting a hole in the ceiling, he climbs up to find an old attic. The next note says that "mother is now pointing at the enemy", then a Twitcher breaks into the room and David kills it. Entering the hallway, he comes across a mirror, with another note saying "No not the innocent, the enemy!". Reading this, David sees a twisted version of himself forming in the mirror. The apparition comes out of the mirror. David raises his weapon... only to have himself get damaged upon shooting his own disfigured reflection. David, knowing that he can't fight his own reflection, runs for his life, only to be chased by the addiction, after being chased for a short bit, David falls into a well, upon getting out the addiction appears again from a mirror within the room. David grabs a spear on a table next to him and uses it to defend himself from the addiction, upon stabbing the addiction with the spear, he himself receives no damage. After a long fight of the addiction launching lightning at David, pulling an axe out of it's own body and setting itself on fire, David finally manages to fully pierce the addiction to death with the spear, and it collapses, leaving David to be finally released from his own nightmare.


  • The Addiction is immune to every type of damage you can deal. Handguns, shotguns, rifles and other weapons won't work and, in fact, they'll damage the real David instead. The only weapon that actually damages the Addiction is the Spear.
  • Every once in a while, Addiction will take out an Axe from its chest, and will proceed to run towards David to attack him. After enough damage has been delivered, Addiction will hide the Axe on it's chest again.
  • The Addiction can strike David with thunderbolts.
  • When its health is low enough, it will ignite himself that damage David rapidly until David dives into the water.


Once it has been defeated, the game will trigger one of the 4 endings (on AoM: DC) or the ending of the original Afraid of Monsters.


  • The Addiction is the embodiment of David's own addiction caused by the pills. His nightmarish and corpse-like form is possibly a metaphor for death, either from an overdose or a life of drug use, where his existence represents the need for David to take the pills. The fight with the Addiction represents David's fight with himself, where the addiction is defeated and David, in one of for endings, wakes up from his hallucinations.
  • The Addiction makes a comeback as the final boss in Cry of Fear's custom campaign "Halloween Collab," and its sound files were present since the earliest release.
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