The switchblade is a melee weapon in Cry of Fear. The player starts with this weapon after the first Nightmare Sequence. The switchblade has 2 attack modes; a Slash Attack and a Stab Attack, the latter making more damage to an enemy, but being a bit more slowly executed compared to the Slash Attack.

Pros and Cons


  • First weapon made available to the player
  • Fast swing speed
  • Two attack modes; A quick slash attack, or a slower but stronger stab attack.
  • Can be used to kill weaker types of monsters, conserving ammunition.


  • Weakest melee weapon in the game.
  • Cannot use slash attack when dual-wielding.


  • The knife itself is not actually a switchblade, it is actually a folding knife as a switchblade consists of an internal blade coated by a case and opened with a slide, this knife does not contain that. This is most likely a mistake Rönnberg did not know about at the time of creating Cry of Fear.