The spear is one of the strongest melee weapons, used primarily to fight The Addiction. It is the last melee weapon to be found in the 4mother map, and is weak compared to other weapons outside of its use to fight the final boss, despite its long range.

The spear is the only weapon capable of damaging The Addiction. Any other attempt to hurt The Addiction using other weapons will result in David taking damage. The spear is unique in the fact that it is has a longer range than the other melee weapons. Everytime the spear strikes an enemy or a wall, you will be rendered immobile temporarily. 


  • Don't stab The Addiction in midair, as the spear will become stuck and you will be stuck for a while.
  • The Addiction will still be able to attack you if you are immobile, so make sure you are completely able to hit The Addiction before swinging.
  • Take note when fighting The Addiction to not use the spear in water, as you will take mild damage from electrocution.



Spear found during the final boss fight.

  • The weapon has a glitched HUD appearance and sometimes appears as the knife. It also has no animation in third-person mode.
  • This is possibly a reference to the Spear Of Destiny, possibly meaning he turned to God to help him fight his addiction.