Simon's house refers to a location in Cry of Fear. While the time spent in the house will be relatively brief, it, nonetheless serves as one of the most important locations in the game as from the beginning the aim of the game is to return home. And when you finally make it home, the results of the choices the player makes in game play out, and the respective ending is seen by the player

Background Edit

Simon's house appears to be a relatively standard Swedish bungalow, manufactured with concrete and decorated externally with a relatively stylish stained red wood exterior, and a standard tiled roof. This design appears to be relatively common in Kirkville, as there are several other bungalows of a similar design seen in the village. The house contains a relatively small bathroom, and an equally small kitchen / dining area, a reasonably spacious living room, and 2 bedrooms, one larger and one slightly smaller. The larger room appears to be his mother's room, and the smaller room is evidently Simon's room, as it matches the room seen in the opening nightmare sequence with the camera. Simon's room has a half-life 2 poster on the wall, heavily implying that Simon himself is a gamer.

Upon arrival at the house, in the 4 canon endings to the game, Simon will call out for his mother, asking where she is. If the player mailed the package earlier, the 5th ending will play out as soon as you enter the door, and you will be unable to explore the house. The player can explore most of the house (and there is a save point in the kitchen), however as soon as the player heads along the corridor towards Simon's bedroom, the ending will play out and Simon's fate will be revealed.

Relevance To Simon Edit

In game this is obviously presented as Simon's home, although in the best ending to the game you see Simon emerge from an apartment, in an apartment complex very similar to the complex presented in the game. As such, it is most likely to be either the current home of Simon's mother and/or family, and/or the home he grew up in.

Trivia Edit

  • Although the house is exactly the same in all of the 4 canon endings, each ending does in fact have a different map (c_ending1 to c_ending 5). As the half-life engine doesn't have the capacity to store a complex amount of data about player choices in game, this allows the game to allow for the player's in game choices. In ending 5 the house cannot actually be explored.
  • Although the time spent in the house will be short, it is considered one of the key focal points of the game, as the game both starts and finishes in Simon's bedroom.
  • Although in game this house is presented as Simon's house, in reality it is more likely to be where Simon's mother lives, and may have been his family home earlier in life, as the good ending actually depicts Simon living in an apartment very similar in appearance to the Roped Off Apartment in the Apartments. The fate of, and any specific details regarding Simon's mother and the rest of his family are never mentioned in Cry Of Fear, as such his relationship with her and her importance to the story is left to the player's imagination.

Image Gallery Edit

  • The house as seen from the outside
  • The entrance corridor
  • The bathroom
  • The living room
  • The kitchen
  • The master bedroom
  • The main corridor
  • Simon's bedroom (as seen in the opening sequence)

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