Damage: Instant Kill
Health: 50 (Easy)
80 (Medium)
100 (Difficult)
120 (Nightmare)
Encountered in: Nightmarish Apartments
Entity name: Unknown
Sawer is the first boss of Cry of Fear, encountered in the nightmare version of the apartments. He is a considerably tall and skeletal creature wielding a chainsaw he is named after, and has multiple pins protruding from his head.

About the Boss

2014-04-20 00010

Sawer about to block Simon's escape.

Sawer ambushes Simon once he enters his lair and preventing his escape by cutting a steam pipe into the path of the door. He will then pursue Simon relentlessly around the room, moving slowly but taking giant steps that allow him to keep at pace with the player. If he gets a chance to attack the player, his preparation to swing the chainsaw is slow enough that it is simple to avoid - but if the player manages to get caught in a corner, they have little hope of escape. Being hit once by the chainsaw is an instant kill, Simon being brutally sliced in half at the waist.
2014-04-20 00012

Simon collapses after Sawer beheads itself.

Sawer is immune to all forms of damage Simon can give him for most of the battle, his only weak spot being a closed eye protruding from his upper back. The only way to reveal the eye is to damage him until he finally wears down and falls to one knee to rest. The eye will then open and Simon may attack it for a few seconds before Sawer stands to his feet once more and resumes the chase. Once defeated, Sawer will succumb to the pain and fall to his knees before decapitating himself with his own chainsaw, finishing the chapter.

Relevance to Simon

Sawer could represent Simon's fear of being persistently chased by his inner demons, pushing him to the edge. It might also represent the sadistic child abuser that lived in the apartment building. The way Sawer kills Simon by slicing him at the waist might represent how Simon's legs are "cutted off" from the rest of is body as he can't use them anymore.