These are the rules of the Cry of Fear wiki. We hope you follow them correctly and don't do anything stupid.

  1. First and foremost, this wikia is not made by ruMpel nor by any of the Team Psykskallar members. If you came here just to troll this wikia thinking that you're pissing off ruMpel, Minuit, DragonNOR or any other person involved in the development of Cry of Fear, you're wrong. I'll be more than happy to ban you from this wikia for the next 50 years if you came to this wikia just to troll.
  2. Editions are only allowed for the admins. Measure has been taken to prevent some idiots from editing the wikia. If you see something that has missing info, post it on that page's comments, I'll update it as soon as possible. However, there are some pages that can be edited, just make sure your editions are correct and don't troll around.
  3. Do Not add Fan art in the characters pages, there's a page for that.
  4. Immature/Troll comments will be deleted. If you delete content and/or upload irrelevant/grotesque/rule34/stupid pictures, you'll be banned from the wikia for the next 50 years.
  5. PewDiePie references will not be allowed in comments and pages. This is made to prevent feeding the trolls. The only reference allowed in the wikia is the Stephano easter egg (which has been removed from Cry of Fear) and some other references that are not too immature to be here (like the Stranger's alternate name).
  6. If you come from Encycloapedia Dramatica, I warn you not to make the same mistakes that this guy and this guy made in the past (which is screwing the wiki). If you do it, say hello to the Maxima Ban (banned until your great great grandson becomes an 80-year-old man with Alzheimer).
  7. No Bronies Fan art. Cry of Fear is a serious game, not some "friendship is bullshit" crap. If you add even a single "Pony" image to the fan art section, I'll remove it and ban you for 5 years (at minimum).

Got it? Then have a pleasant time in the wiki.