The Ruger P345 is the third handgun found in Cry of Fear. It's located in the bowling area of the Asylum. This is the weapon that The Doctor asks you to give him. If you give it to him, you'll get this handgun after killing him. If not, you'll get the Taurus Revolver instead. It's a powerful handgun that can kill a Crazyrunner easily, but its ammo is scarce.

If the player gives the P345 to the Doctor, the damages inflicted by the boss using that gun will be more important than the damages inflicted by him using the Taurus ; but when the player uses the gun, the Taurus deals more damages than the P345. This contradiction exists only because keeping the gun and not giving it to the Doctor is the "easy" way, so it has to provide some advantage to the player.

Pros and Cons


  • Does high damage.
  • Easy to use iron sights.


  • Has high recoil
  • Ammo is rare
  • Cannot be used for long as you obtain it near the end of the singleplayer campaign

In Real Life

The Ruger "P Series" are a series of centre fire semi automatic pistols produced by Ruger between 1985 and 2013. The P345 is a relatively new firearm, having first been manufactured in 2004, and it includes a keyed safety lock, an indicator that shows that the chamber is loaded, and a magazine disconnect that blocks the firing pin when the magazine is removed. Ruger P series guns are liked by gun collectors as they are known for being rugged and durable. The P345 is not an ambidextrous weapon and is designed for a right handed shooter, which would make it particularly hard for Simon to wield in his left hand. This might explain why, of all the game's pistols, the P345 performs the worst when it is dual wielded.

Although the revolver is the most powerful handgun in Cry of Fear, in real life a .38 special will deliver ~230 foot pounds of force, however the .45 ACP used in the P345 delivers 450-600 foot pounds of force, so in real life it is likely that the P345 would have more stopping power than the revolver.