Pills are collectible items and used to increase the player's health. They replace the medkits from the original Half-Life. They are a throwback to the pills from Afraid of Monsters.

In the non-canonical 5th ending to Cry of Fear, it is revealed that the unlockable package that Simon mails to his own address does in fact contain a pack of these pills. Simon takes the pills, which sends him into an hallucination, in which he enters the heaven level from Afraid Of Monsters


Simon opens the package and discovers a pack of the pills inside

Trivia Edit

  • The pills are the exact same Interfectum painkillers from Max Payne, that can be used through out the game to heal the player.
  • The pills also appears in Cry of Fear's 5th ending as well in its custom campaigns.
  • Unlike syringes, taking multiple pots of pills does not cause the player's vision to blur, even though it is likely that you would in fact be receiving a larger dose than you would from the syringe alone.

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