AbominationAfraid of MonstersAfraid of Monsters: Dark Assistance
Afraid of Monsters: Director's CutApartmentsAsylum
AxeBabyBook Simon
BranchBrowning HP 9mmBrügger & Thomet MP9
Bugs and GlitchesCarcassChildren
CitalopramCityCity (Cry Of Fear)
Co-op CampaignCraigCrawler
CrazyrunnerCroucherCry of Fear
Cry of Fear WikiCut ContentDavid Leatherhoff
David Leatherhoff's AxeDigital CameraDoctor's Story
Doctor PurnellDreamerDrowned
Easter EggsFacelessFamas
FasterFists/Pistol WhipFlashlight
FlygareForestForest (Afraid of Monsters)
Game StatisticsGewehr 43Glock 19
Gustav-Dahl ParkHK MP5Halloween Collaboration (Custom Campaign)
Hallucination SequenceHandcrabHanger
HangmanHarbor CollegeHuman Flower
Hunting RifleItemsKirkville
Launcher GhostM16 Assault RifleM76
MaceManhuntMarkland Hospital
Memories (Custom Campaign)Mouth MonsterNightmare Sequences
NightstickNotesOne-Eyed Dog
PillsPsychoPuzzles (Cry Of Fear)
Remington 870Roped Off ApartmentRuger P345
SawrunnerSaxon AvenueScreenshots Gallery
SewersSewmoSick Simon
Simon's BookSimon's HouseSimon Henriksson
Spitter (Afraid of Monsters)StrangerSubways
Suicide MapsSuiciderSwitchblade
TL Trading ABTallerTaurus Revolver
Team PsykskallarThe AddictionThe Apartment Predator
The Black DayThe CopsThe Doctors
The FaceTown SquareTricks Tips and Cheats
Tutorial LevelTwitcherUnknown Caller
Waspet GardensWatrosWheelchair Twitcher

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