This is a list of Items available in Cry of Fear. Note that this concerns items found only throughout the main singleplayer campaign, excluding those from custom campaigns.

Mobile Phone


Simon's phone acts as a flashlight with moderate shining power. It is also used to receive calls and text messages from various people. Eventually the phone runs out of power, and is unusable until Simon finds another battery for it. Simon loses it later in the game. The phone is modelled after the Sony Ericsson W610i.

Later on, pushing Z will allow Simon to make phone calls with it. These calls trigger some events.

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The morphine syringes are the only way to replenish health in Cry of Fear. Simon can carry up to 9 spare syringes (plus the one he actually wields) and it's recommended to use if health is near 25% since they become more scarce as the game progresses. Depending on the difficulty chosen, the syringe can heal from 100% to 50% of health. Morphine can also replenish your whole stamina bar so use it wisely. Using two syringes in a too little time span will make Simon's vision turn blurry because of the overdose.



Simon uses these in the subway. When they burn, they emit a bright light used to illuminate the surroundings. They can be held while walking/dual wielding, or they can be thrown to light up an area in front of Simon. These will be your only light source in the subway systems, so use them wisely.

The flare's living time depends on the difficulty level. Lit flares will have to be thrown to climb ladders, and once thrown, cannot be picked up.

  • Easy - They last for 120 seconds.
  • Medium - They last for 90 seconds.
  • Difficult - They last for 60 seconds.
  • Nightmare - They last for 30 seconds.
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The flashlight is found in the asylum, in the generator room. While the lantern is a better light source than the flashlight, the flashlight's beam is useful for spotting enemies ahead of you, as the lantern's light illuminates a mid-area around you.

The flashlight in the asylum's generator room is the only one in the whole SP campaign.


The lantern is mainly found in the forest area.


The lantern is used by Simon outside and in the asylum. It can be dropped on the ground and will illuminate the area. It can also be dual-wielded with a branch or any other one-handed weapon (except the Taurus Revolver). It's the most common light source you can find in the forest part of the game, as well as in the asylum.

Tactical light

Tactical Light

The tactical light can be combined with the Glock 19. Its shining power is the best in terms of flashlights. Combining the pistol with the tactical light eliminates the need to dual wield it with the phone, but also limits the player to using the Glock by itself if one wish to use the tactical light at all.


Nightvision mode with the gasmask


Unlocked in new games after finishing Doctor mode, it takes no space in the inventory and has a built-in nightvision mode that has infinite battery power, its only drawback being that it muffles sound allowing enemies to sneak up on you easier. It can be found in the Secret Rooms.


Found in Harbor College on the table in one of the classrooms. Used to open the fusebox to retrieve the game's first fuse. Cannot be used as a weapon and is deleted from the player's inventory once the fuse box has been opened



Fuses are used to give power to locked doors to open them. They are used 3 times during the game. The first is picked up in Harbor College to open the door to the train station at Saxon Avenue, then later in the game the player backtracks both to Saxon Avenue and the apartments to gather the 2 fuses needed to unlock another gate deeper within the train network. Later on the player must backtrack and retrieve the same 2 fuses to power the station's signals so that the train may depart



Keys are used in several locations to unlock doors, usually as part of a puzzle encouraged to make the player search the area more thoroughly. Most are found on the floor or on desks, though a couple are also found on a corpse, and buried in a hole in the ground. Once the key has been used on the door that it opens, it will disappear permanently from the player's inventory


Mobile Phone Battery

As Simon approaches the service tunnels beneath Saxon Avenue station his phone runs out of battery power, and he must navigate the entire section using flares. However after escaping he finds another gate locked by the doctor, along with a new battery for his phone, and the key to Ronald Street's locked door.



2 ladders are picked up in game. One to gain entry to the apartments again (during the section in which you backtrack to get the 2 fuses), and the other to leave the apartments once you have the fuse contained within. Despite their size Simon has no problem swimming or moving around while carrying them.



Spades can be picked up at 2 points in Waspet Gardens, the first one is necessary in order to dig up the key needed to gain access to the roof (as well as optional buried ammo and syringes), the second during the backtracking section to find the fuse at Saxon Avenue is optional, and can be used to pick up more buried items. The spade cannot be used as a weapon.



The lighter is picked up in the sewer caves, shortly before the fight with Mace as part of a puzzle to gain access to a locked door. The lighter does not function as a weapon, and once it is used to light the oil, it disappears from the player's inventory. Using the lighter on a pack of cigarettes on the table it is found will unlock a small easter egg, which shows a short cutscene depicting Simon smoking a cigarette next to the corpse of the guy holding the shotgun. The lighter is modelled on a Bic lighter


Numerical Plate

Picked up as part of a puzzle in the Asylum. 2 separate plate halves are picked up and must be combined to reveal a phone number, which must be dialled to reveal the code to the attic where the doctor is hiding. To prevent the phone number from being memorised and bypassing the puzzle, there are a few different phone numbers and it will change every time you play the level.



Picked up in the forest section, to cut a rope which drops a TV on an obstruction, destroying it and clearing the path to the next section. The scissors must be picked up in 2 parts (a left blade and a right blade), then combined through the inventory. They cannot be used as a weapon, and will disappear from the inventory once the rope has been cut


The Package

The package is an unlockable item that can be picked up in the unlock room on the start map, once the game has been beaten with the 4th ending. Once used on the post box near Harbor College, it will unlock the secret 5th ending. It cannot be used as a weapon, and for unknown reasons it will sometimes disappear entirely if the player drops it to clear room in the inventory.


TL Trading Access Card

A security swipe card embossed with the TL Trading AB logo, used to unlock the front door to TL Trading Co. Found next to Sophie's corpse after the scene on the rooftop. Will disappear from the player's inventory once it has been used to unlock the door.



This item is unique to nightmare mode, and is picked up on the very first map of the game, after solving the combination lock puzzle it can be found sitting next to a tape recorder. It is needed to be able to save in nightmare mode, and serves to make nightmare mode more challenging as it permanently occupies one of the player's inventory slots.


The casette


If you look closely, you will see that the taclight is embossed with the word "Sporkeh". This is the online nickname of Jordy Boerema, who skinned, animated, and modelled the weapons in Cry Of Fear.

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