Harbor College is a minor location in Cry of Fear that contains one of the fuses to power a door the Doctor fled through. The Faceless' first appearance is in this area.

Background Edit

Harbor College is an average urban college that is mostly lit for security reasons, and seems a very safe location for Simon. This unfortunately turns against him extremely fast when he grabs the first fuse. As the power goes out, multiple Faceless attempt to ambush him to take his life. As the only way is locked and the automatic doors lost power, Simon makes his way to the entrance where he obtains a classroom key, then heads to said room to subsequently obtain a fire exit key which he utilizes to escape.

Relevance to Simon Edit

Harbor College most likely is the college Sophie was referring to when talking to Simon about school.

Trivia Edit

Like most locations in Cry of Fear, the college is based on a real life college known as Cyber Gymnasiet Odenplan (which has since closed).


The road leading up to the college (Harbor Road) is based on a location known as Norrtullsgatan 4-6


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