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These are the Cry of Fear game statistics. This information is useful if you wanna know how to get a determined rank to get any unlockables. This information can also be found on the book that can be accessed in the unlockables screen.

Syringes used

More than 45 syringes: 1p

Between 40-45 syringes: 2p

Between 30-40 syringes: 3p

Between 20-30 syringes: 4p

Between 10-20 syringes: 5p

Between 3-10 syringes: 6p

Less than 3 syringes: 7p


Between 30-40%: 1p

Between 40-50%: 2p

Between 50-60%: 3p

Between 60-70%: 4p

Between 70-80%: 5p

Between 80-90%: 6p

More than 90%: 7p


Easy: 2p

Normal: 4p

Hard: 6p

Nightmare: 7p


More than 70 saves: 1p

Between 60-70 saves: 2p

Between 40-60 saves: 3p

Between 25-40 saves: 4p

Between 10-25 saves: 5p

Between 5-10 saves: 6p

Less than 5 saves: 7p

Time (hours)

Between 6-7 hours: 1p

Between 5-6 hours: 2p

Between 4-5 hours: 3p

Between 3-4 hours: 4p

Between 2,5 and 3 hours: 5p

Less than 2,5 hours: 7p


2 or less points: F

Between 2-7 points: E

Between 7-14 points: D

Between 14-21 points: C

Between 21-25 points: B

Between 25-34 points: A

35 points: S

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