The Forest is a location encountered in the later sections of Cry of Fear, notably Chapter 6. Simon makes his way through the forest after the train he took in the previous chapter falls off a bridge. While most players refer to it as just "The Forest", the actual forest itself is divided into two areas, Forest and Deep Forest.

This location is arguably the most tense and unlit location in the game, including being very large. Unlike the Subway Tunnels, this entire area is mostly pitch-black with very little natural light sources. It is also the second-to-last location with a nightmare sequence. It is home to an abandoned asylum, numerous amounts of other dilapidated structures, a medium-sized lake, and a drainage system that leads to Kirkville. The only enemies encountered here are the Crazyrunner, the Sawrunner, and the Upper on one occasion.

The forest is split into a few distinct sections


After platforming his way out of the crashed train, Simon crosses what is left of the track and heads into the forest, after picking up a Branch and lantern. Here, hidden under a door placed next to a car is another unlock room, allowing the player to re-equip any unlock items lost in the train crash


I'm sure glad I got out of this one alive...

Outer Forest

This area contains no enemies, just a bit of pretty scenery and needs to be well navigated.


This looks pretty...

Deep Forest

This area contains the most of the actual action, and is itself split into a few distinct sections.

  • The first part is a large clearing, requiring the player to pick up a doorknob and attach it to a door, before Sawrunner kills the player
  • The second part contains a mini-puzzle, requiring the player to pick up 2 scissor blades and create a pair of scissors, which are then used to cut a rope, dropping a TV onto a crate, breaking it and clearing the way. The scissor blades are hidden in dilapidated buildings with no windows, doors, or furnishings, and the player will be attacked by several crazyrunners. The darkness makes navigation very tricky.
  • A clearing in which the player must navigate a maze of trees, and avoid bodies falling from trees on ropes. One door is a false door, and a second is an exit door.
  • The game's penultimate nightmare sequence, a crazy maze of rapidly opening and closing doors
  • The Asylum

Remember kids, always do what you see on TV!

Outer Forest

The section encountered after leaving the asylum. Contains no enemies, just the lake and a couple more dilapidated buildings.


Very tranquil and relaxing... enjoy it while it lasts!


Like most locations in Cry Of Fear, this is based on a real location. The bridge is called Årstabron


The lake is based on a location known as Kyrksjön



  • I can almost feel the wind blowing through the reeds
  • You were lucky to escape that alive!
  • Jump, but don't get your feet wet!
  • Remember kids, always do what you see on TV!
  • Very tranquil!
  • Yep, we're heading into those dark woods!
  • A lovely view of the city
  • Uh oh, it's sawrunner. Thank god I have this doorknob!
  • A run down, dilapidated building
  • One of the scissor blades...
  • This looks creepy...
  • Corpses falling from trees... very original!
  • I say we head into the creepy underground tunnel...
  • I sure hope I don't get hit by one of these!
  • Follow the unlit cement road!
  • Time to be committed!
  • At least now it's light enough to see how crappy the state of this building is!
  • Time to say goodbye to the forest!