Simon's reaction.

The Famas is a secret weapon in Cry of Fear, unlocked after beating the game in Nightmare difficulty. When picked up, Simon will react saying "Ugh... Argh... French...". It has infinite ammunition and moderate damage.

Pros and Cons


  • Fast rate of fire.
  • Moderate damage per shot.
  • Infinite ammunition.


  • Hard to acquire as Nightmare mode can be extremely difficult even for experienced players.
  • Excessive muzzle flash which can easily make you lose sight of your target while firing.
  • Infinite ammunition leads to players disregarding the need to aim which brings down their accuracy grade.

In Real Life

The FAMAS is a French bullpup assault rifle first introduced in 1981 that fires .223 (5.56MM) rounds, the FAMAS is still the stock service rifle used by the French military. The variant accessed in game is the newest version, the FAMAS G2 developed in 1994, improved to allow it to fire NATO ammunition without modification, as well as improvements to the rifling to make the gun more accurate, and a larger trigger guard. The FAMAS G2 is commonly used by the French navy, however the French army still use the F1, a slightly older variant. FAMAS stands for "Fusil d'Assaut de la Manufacture d'Armes de Saint-Étienne", which translates to "Assault Rifle from the Saint-Étienne Weapon Factory"