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Damage: Low-Medium (Baby).
Suicidal Influence.
Health: 17 (Easy)
37 (Normal)
60 (Difficult)
80 (Nightmare)
Encountered in: Apartment basements
Entity name: monster_crazybitch
The Drowned is a monster in Cry of Fear, first encountered in Chapter 1 of the game, specifically in the apartment's basement.

About the MonsterEdit

This monster has no physical attacks until the player approaches too closely. A baby then bursts from the monster's stomach and attacks with a knife. The attacks are difficult to dodge.


The primary way she attacks is, if the player is exposed to her for too long with at least one bullet in their weapons, the screen will darken and Simon will start to whimper, followed by the monster forcing Simon's gun to his head in an attempt to make him commit suicide. The player must quickly press the left mouse button to make Simon resist the urge to kill himself, when the player is successful in resisting it, the screen will go back to normal with Simon seemingly crying a little bit after the event is over.

Pistol-whipping her with an empty magazine is productive. The baby strikes at about the same rate as Citalopram or Crazyrunner, but Drowned's slow speed makes dodging back and striking again fairly harm-free. Eliminate her in areas you intend to frequent, as she can actually attack between doored-off sections of the same map (subway is probably the best example).

Note: If the player has only a melee weapon equipped, the Suicidal Influence has no effect.

Relevance to SimonEdit

It may represent Simon's absent mother. The suicidal influence this enemy does to Simon may be a reflection of his real desire to commit suicide.

Trivia Edit

The Drowned is considered one of the most creepiest enemies in the game

If the player has a firearm equipped they should be very quick in killing it

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