Maskless purnell
The Doctor's Story is a bonus story which can be unlocked by finishing the game once. It's an alternate storyline, where Doctor Purnell aims to get to Simon's apartment in order to destroy his book and stop the nightmare. His path is more or less the opposite of Simon's during the main game, starting near Saxon Avenue to end in the apartments section.

This story has nothing in common with the Main Story doctor's appearences.


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Crowded with enemies

Though this game mode is very short (it can be beaten in less than 20 minutes), it's very hard. Its default difficulty is Medium, but there are more monsters than in any other part of the main story.

Some unique versions of existing monsters can be found here, such as the second version of the Faster and Sawrunner appears as well, chasing the Doctor three times during his journey.

There are no tape recorders to save, no way to regain health (pills, syringes... ), and the only weapon available is the Taurus Revolver, which is powerful but also slow to reload and quick to unload, so one must be careful and avoid enemies as much as possible, in order to save ammo and health.

Completing this scenario will grant the player the Doctor's Gasmask for the main scenario, which can be picked up in the Secret Rooms.