Damage: 2 (Easy)
4 (Medium)
8 (Difficult)
20 (Nightmare)
Health: 17 (Easy)
37 (Medium)
60 (Difficult)
80 (Nightmare)
Encountered in: Forest
Entity name: monster_rcrazy
Rc alert1
The Crazyrunner (canon model name) is a variant of the Drowned encountered earlier in Cry of Fear. This monster is first encountered in the forest segment of the game, becoming the most common enemy faced until reaching the asylum.

About the Monster

Crazyrunners are completely silent until spotting the player, the creature suddenly breaking into a rapid fit of panicked breathing as it pursues Simon with a knife. It is not a difficult foe to kill however, merely taking two strikes with a branch to kill on the lowest difficulty. It can deal a good toll of damage, however, attacking with very fast strikes directly after the player attacks. They usually appear in large groups and tend to ambush Simon, so one must be very careful when fighting more than one of these creatures.

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