The City is an unnamed city visited after leaving the hospital and is a location in Afraid of Monsters and the Director's Cut. First seen in the distance from the windows of the hospital, it consists of tangles of concrete buildings, apartments, abandoned establishments, elevators, public telephones, a metro area, and a massive, snaking sewer system.


The city has few intimidating areas, such as an area where a twitcher hangs dead (following a specific path) in a water well, with a text message displaying "Don't let the Devil torture the God. Kill the Devil, and let the God show you the way". Depending on the ending the player is headed towards, this can be scribbled out in blood and the words "Kill Me" can be written on it. The rest of the level is generally dark, with some areas that are impossible to navigate without lights. It also contains a complex sewer system readily accessible throughout parts of the map.

Fog appears in multiple area around the city in the Director's Cut, but is especially abundant in the streets and in a small park.

It is possible for David to take a car and drive away from the city, without being able to return, as he crashes into a tree.


This location has quite a few common enemies, such as Abominations, Launcher Ghosts, and Twitchers.