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Admin message: This page will be public for anyone to edit, since I alone can't find all bugs. But if I spot one single bit of trolling in this page, it will be blocked so only admins can edit it.

Coprus Grindor (talk) 07:57, June 13, 2014 (UTC)

Many people have been experiencing bugs and glitches in cry of fear.

I'm here to show you all how to fix some of the big ones that I've gone through (Those of you that have bugs and glitches and would like to show people how to do them or fix it please edit this page)

Gamebooster bugEdit

When using gamebooster you cannot have any light and when you dual wield you have 4 hands. To fix it just don't use gamebooster (common sense).

Multiplayer bugEdit

Cry of Fear doesn't have a server list (except when you go online and find servers) If you wish to play multiplayer portforward with a few friends. You can also use Hamachi to play multiplayer.

Single Player Bug Edit

After playing the game for a little while on some computers the game will freeze and then either quit itself or stay there and be needing to be shut off. Would be nice if someone could post a solution in the comments, cheers Detective British.

Die Bug

In my computer when I die the game freeze. Would be nice if someone could post a solution in the comments, cheers Detective British.

Various Bugs Edit

The game will freeze on some computers if Simon dies while holding a burning flare. (Confirmed for death by falling and death by subway; not sure about death by enemy)

Overdosing on morphine while in the "You Will Die" nightmare sequence swaps "blurry vision" and "regular vision" for the remainder of the playthrough, therebye making "blurry" the default mode.

It is possible to exit the fourth floor apartment without taking the key from the bathtub if you have no empty item slots, therebye breaking the game.

If you stand in front of a door, entering it at a slightly oblique angle, it may cause you to end up in the same room as you started in.

It is possible, in several places, to use the tape recorder through a wall.

another bug is that my game wont let me use misc items like keys and the saw anymore and i dont know how to fix this problem

If you play through the game from the start, right through to the scene with Sophie on the rooftop, without quitting, at some point between the fight with Carcass and the moment the lights go off in Harbour college when you remove the fuse, some textures will appear visually corrupted, with weird light maps and reflective issues. Some models will also be missing textures entirely. Although I'm not 100% sure, I believe this is caused by the game's render not releasing video memory correctly (Image uploader won't work so I've uploaded screenshots here and here.) To fix this issue simply save, quit the game entirely, then start it up again and continue. This will put the textures back to normal.

Enabling cl_downwiththesickness (causes Down With The Sickness by Disturbed to play at a point in the 5th ending) will disable all of the game's other music, setting this value back to 0 will return the music to normal. If you wish to hear Down With The Sickness, it's recommended to avoid changing this value until just before you enter Simon's house, then to set it back to 0 once you're done

Using the last of an item and then going into your inventory before the animation is complete will cause the game to crash. Although you can trigger this bug with any item, it is easiest to trigger it with syringes due to the comparatively long animation. If you use the last of your syringes then press tab to bring up the inventory, the game will freeze and crash as soon as you're finished using it and it disappears from the inventory.

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