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Damage: 10 (Easy)
13 (Normal)
17 (Difficult)
25 (Nightmare)
Health: 10 (Easy)
20 (Normal)
30 (Difficult)
50 (Nightmare)
Encountered in: Apartments
Entity name: monster_baby
The Baby is an enemy encountered in Cry of Fear, specifically in the apartments, after getting the key to the "Neighbour Across". It is the weakest enemy in the whole game.

About the Monster

The Baby has no real purpose other than to ambush the player. They charge at Simon upon seeing him, and subsequently thrust a spike out of their head, killing themselves in the process. While easy to dispatch, they are often quick enough to score a few hits, which can be notably detrimental on harder difficulties.

Relevance to Simon

By walking in an abnormal way, there can be speculation about injuries to the creature's spine, with it being crippled much like Simon's mind and his body under the burden of his inner demons, and The Black Day.

Moreover, the Baby attacks Simon in a way that threatens himself: his aggressive nature brings him to commit suicide, which can reflect Simon's situation.

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