The axe is the third and second-to-last melee weapon found in Afraid of Monsters and the Director's Cut .


The axe is not a firefighter's axe, as it's vivid red color would suggest, as it does not have a pointed poll. Instead, the axe is a flathead civilian splitting axe, meant for chopping wood. It appears to have a steel face and a handle of about 32".


The weapon is found on a house in the woods.


  • The axe is the most powerful melee weapon in the game, and thus is the last melee weapon found besides the one used against the boss.
  • The axe has a good swing speed and does good damage, but given it's short range as a melee weapon it is best reserved for twitchers and weaker monsters to conserve ammo.


  • The axe was not coded properly for the attack animations and sounds. When you attack there is immediately a mark on the wall, as well as the sound playing, but the axe has not finished swinging forward.
  • The axe (Named "Leatherhoff's Axe ") appears as an unlockable in Cry Of Fear .
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