The Apartments refers to a recurring location in Cry of Fear and one of the first areas the player visits. Simon enters the apartments through the scaffolding after receiving a panicked text from an individual. It's also the first nightmare sequence location.

Background Edit

The apartments represent a basic European housing structure. The interior shows signs of hastily barricaded doors and being completely abandoned. Some areas are blocked off with very heavy objects consisting of bathtubs, toilets, sofas, etc. which essentially makes it a concrete maze. From notes the player can find, it is evident a serial killer or pedophile lived in the apartments, and whose apartment contains many garbage bags plus the first appearance of the children among other enemies. When the player arrives however, the individual is not present. The apartments also contain a Roped Off Apartment with blood, police tape, and chains adorning it.

When Simon arrives into the apartment, he makes his way to the fourth floor by navigating around the various obstacles preventing him from taking the most linear route. After entering the landlord's office, he obtains his second weapon, and unlocks a hall door that was previously inaccessible. When reaching the fourth floor, Simon finds the person he was trying to help, but the man had died before he arrived. He finds a key to the basement on his corpse, before being ambushed by Fasters.

Simon's goal at this point is to escape the apartments. With the discovery of the man's body, the apartments appear to shift to block Simon from backtracking and is forced to rappel down to the first floor. He makes his way to the basement and finds a VHS tape containing the keycode for the maintenance elevator. When he takes the elevator, he enters a nightmare sequence in which he needs to kill a creature named Sawer. After this, he wakes up in the maintenance area of the basement.

Later in the game, Simon has to find two fuses to power a door Doctor Purnell escaped through. One of these fuses is in the apartments, and Simon is forced to return to obtain it. In this iteration, there are a wider variety of enemies than previously, that are more dangerous to the player (the Flygare, Stranger, and Faceless can all deal large amounts of damage quickly), and the apartments are much more twisted in nature than before. The building itself seems self-aware as most doors Simon passes by that are inaccessible can have violent knocking heard from them. The flooding from the first floor has spread into the basement and has submerged it entirely. In addition, the room in which the dead man was found is now inaccessible with no way to unlock it.

Relevance to Simon Edit

Due to the appearance of the bloodied apartment room, and its similarity to the one seen in the endings, including the relevance to Simon in the Doctor's Story, this is most likely the apartment Simon was living in.

Trivia Edit

Although the exit code for the elevator is generated randomly on each playthrough, the forth digit is always 9. The exact reasoning for this is unclear, though the most likely explanation is that, while the three numbers on the torso are generated randomly, the 4th digit is on the corpse's collar, and is probably part of the model, and so the team decided not to generate it randomly.

The apartments are based on a real life apartment complex known as Högbergsgatan 59.


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