Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut (often shortened to Afraid of Monsters DC, the Director's Cut or AoM: DC) is the remake of the original Afraid of Monsters and a full-conversion mod for the videogame Half-Life. Developed by Team Psykskallar, the Director's Cut was released on October 30, 2007. Upon its release, the Director's Cut was met with critical acclaim from the modding community for its dark atmosphere and horrific creatures, and its success was met with a spiritual sequel from Team Psykskallar, Cry of Fear.


Markland Hospital is the first area revealed, as the game starts through a cutscene in which the setting is revealed to be generally peaceful and nonthreatening, even bright from sun shining in through the windows. The city can be seen through various windows and patio screen doors, but the hospital halls are generally empty, with patients and doctors inside hospital rooms.

The camera pans to reveal David Leatherhoff, who heads into the nearby bathroom. Inside the bathroom, he talks to himself in anger about his addiction, after placing a set of pills he has brought with him on the sinks. One of the bathroom doors open, prompting David to walking inside. Upon entering the stall, he begins to hallucinate.

After David awakens from passing out on the floor of a bathroom, the window is shattered with an eye drawn from the hallucinations on the wall behind it. There are also, mysteriously, more pills. David claims that he "must have passed out," indicating his recognition of the passed time. Upon leaving the bathroom, David realizes that the hospital is now empty and locked down, as it is nighttime in the city. David navigates through various rooms, but the exit doors, as well as many other hospital doors, are locked. David navigates the hospital for a little while, finding it to be empty but somewhat well lit. However, various doors are locked and a pile of boxes block his way down the exit stairs, preventing him from leaving and causing him to look for another exit.

While walking through the abandoned corridors, he hears disembodied footsteps and notices ominous, bloody footsteps that lead to nowhere. David discovers a kitchen knife with blood in one of the bathrooms, and arms himself. Walking into an abandoned room, David spots a sleeping person hidden under some sheets, but decides to not disturb the person's slumber. After finding a flashlight to illuminate the dark surroundings, a sound of glass shattering comes from the room where the sleeping person was in. David realizes that the body is gone, and bloody footsteps lead to a broken window, and off a ledge with no body below. David traverses the ledges and construction areas of the hospital and climbs onto the roof. On the roof, David finds a bloodied map with directions into an accessible window. Following the directions, David wanders inside the hospital once again.

David finds a small pistol on top a bloodied medical cart and promptly requisitions it to his aid. Breaking the window of an office to access another floor where is eventually stopped by a tangle of lights and wires blocking his path. Touching the sparking mess quickly kills David, so David cannot crouch underneath the wires. Nearby the tangle of wires and a painting, a note from one of the janitors in the hospital indicates the power needs to be shut off in order to fix the situation.

Roaming through a dimly lit food court, David finds the basement, with a switch labeled "Power". David switches off the hospital power, which jams into place. Flashlight in hand, David retraces his steps. Charging out of the darkness, bloodied and twitching human-like creatures attack, whom David is forced to kill. Sneaking his way through the hospital, David stumbles upon more and more of these terrifying creatures, all of whom seem like twisted versions of civilians and dehabilitated patients alike. The wires are now shut off, with blood scribbled on the floor saying "Thank you!" David continues to progress deep into the hospital in trying to escape, encountering disturbing meshes of flesh in the vents, creatures in wheelchairs in an area for insane patients, and eventually spitting monsters in another cafeteria. Eventually, David finds the way out of the hospital through a parking lot filled with odd, dog-like creatures, and from there he enters the sewers.

Leaving the sewers and entering what appear to be the hallways of a subway station, David enters the city seen earlier in the game. Here, he encounters massive tangles of flesh and flying, ghostly heads, as well as plenty of twisted humanoid monsters. He eventually makes his way out of the city into a forest, either by driving, or making his way through the country-side. After reaching the forest, David travels through a mansion and finally into a house, where a second hallucination sequence begins. Eventually, David will make his way into a final sanctuary, where the aptly named Addiction must be fought for David to wake up from his drug craze. Depending on paths taken in-game, the game can end 4 different ways:

  • Ending 1 - David wakes up in a house, surrounded by corpses. The monsters that he had been killing to survive were in fact innocent people. His twisted imagination (or possibly drug-induced hallucinations) had gotten the better of him. With police outside, he is soon arrested.
  • Ending 2 - Likely after the events of the first ending, David is shown being questioned by a police officer. He reveals he does not remember what happened during his drug-induced haze.
  • Ending 3 - Likely tying of the events of the first and second endings, a guard studies a newspaper that reads: "Psychotic Killer Claims Over 27 Victims," while the camera pans out to show David in his cell. He has hung himself.
  • Ending 4 - Arguably the best ending, after fighting his worst nightmare, drug addiction, David is shown lying on a hospital bed, showing that all this mayhem was merely a nightmare. Doctors fight to keep him alive, but he soon flatlines. A couple seconds later, David's pulse returns, he has barely survived a drug overdose. After retracing down the hospital, the camera blacks out. Text appears on the screen that says: "The End... or is it?"

Added Content Edit

Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut features new enemies, models, maps and 4 different endings. The new monsters are custom models instead of reskins of Half-Life monsters. The weapons featured in the game are all custom weapons, which fit into a new H.U.D. categorized to the amount of damage each weapon does. The sprites, textures, sounds, models, scripts and animations have all been updated. Unlike the recharging flashlight from the original Afraid of Monsters, the new flashlight requires quickly-depleting batteries, adding to the horror aspect of the game.

The Director's Cut also features improved maps as well as completely new ones, where most of the maps from the original game were updated to be larger, wider and more detailed. There are different routes the player can take, and the ending includes both a boss fight and four different endings determined by the actions of the player in-game. Randomized monster spawns as well as strategic placement increase the difficulty and horror in the game, and the design creates a less linear and more open feel to the gameplay.

Trivia Edit

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