The original teaser image for Afraid of Monsters.

Afraid of Monsters (often shortened to AoM or AoM Classic) is a survival horror modification for Half-Life 1 developed by Andreas Ronnberg (ruMpel) of Team Psykskallar. Released December 24, 2005, the mod has been met with critical acclaim and was followed by a remake, Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut.


Markland Hospital is the first area revealed, as the game starts through a cutscene in which the setting is revealed to be generally peaceful and nonthreatening, even bright from sun shining in through the windows. The city can be seen through various windows and patio screen doors, but the hospital halls are generally empty, with patients and doctors inside hospital rooms.

The camera pans to reveal David Leatherhoff, who heads into the nearby bathroom. Inside the bathroom, he talks to himself in anger about his addiction, after placing a set of pills he has brought with him on the sinks. One of the bathroom doors open, prompting David to walking inside. Upon entering the stall, he begins to hallucinate.

After David awakens from passing out on the floor of a bathroom, he discovers that the mirror has been shattered with an eye drawn from the hallucinations on the wall behind it. There are also, mysteriously, more pills. David comments that he must have had a "crazy dream."

Upon leaving the bathroom, David realizes that the hospital is now empty and locked down, as it is nighttime in the city. He discovers a kitchen knife and flashlight outside the bathroom and arms himself. Charging out of the darkness, bloodied and twitching human-like creatures attack, whom David is forced to kill. Sneaking his way through the hospital, David stumbles upon more and more of these terrifying creatures, all of whom seem like twisted versions of civilians and dehabilitated patients alike. David navigates through various rooms, but the exit doors, as well as many other hospital doors, are locked. David navigates the hospital for a little while, finding it to be empty but somewhat well lit. However, various doors are locked and a pile of boxes block his way down the exit stairs, preventing him from leaving and causing him to look for another exit.

While walking through the abandoned corridors, he hears disembodied footsteps and notices ominous, bloody footsteps that lead to nowhere. Walking into an abandoned room and breaking a window, David traverses the ledges and construction areas of the hospital and climbs onto the roof. On the roof, David finds a bloodied map with directions into an accessible window. Following the directions, David wanders inside the hospital once again.

David continues to progress deep into the hospital in trying to escape, encountering disturbing meshes of flesh in the vents and odd one-eyed monsters and spitting monsters in the halls, rooms and closets. Eventually, David finds the way out of the hospital through a parking lot filled with odd, dog-like creatures, and from there he enters the sewers. Leaving the sewers and entering what appear to be the hallways of a subway station, David enters the city seen earlier in the game. Here, he encounters flying, ghostly heads as well as plenty of twisted humanoid monsters. He eventually makes his way out of the city into a forest, making his way through the country-side. After reaching the forest, David travels through a mansion and finally into a house, where a second hallucination sequence begins. Eventually, the game ends with doctors finding David lying in the bathroom. They attempt to revive him, but David dies from a drug overdose.

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